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“Oh, c’mon Tate!” You whined, looping your arm with his as you walked beside him up the path to the school gates. “It’s not that bad!” You beamed, always in a good mood.
“It’s hell here, [Y/N].” He replied, eyes dead with dark bags under them.
“Just because you make it hell for yourself! Anyway, what class do you have before lunch?” He told you he was skipping most of his lessons today anyways, you huffed and puffed out your cheeks- ready to have a go at him, but the bell cut you off.
“Alrighty, Mister sulky-pants, I’ll meet you at my locker then.” He nodded and watched you scamper off to class, smiling slightly as he watched you bob and weave through the crowd so you wouldn’t be late to class.

He skipped his first lesson, attended the second, and skipped the last one before lunch. He did as you asked him and waited by your locker, hands jammed into his jeans pockets and head low to ignore the stares he got from everyone in the corridors that passed him. His head perked up when he heard your voice through the chatter of the pests that littered the hallway.
“Why do you hang out with a weirdo like Tate?” You friend asked, frowning at you. Tate’s heart panged, then anger filled the void in his soul.
“He’s not a weirdo, you just have to give him a chance.” You replied, smiling at the thought of the tall blonde honey that you had the pleasure of calling your closest friend.
“Whatever you say, he’s stalking your locker already.” She snorted, you looked up and saw Tate staring at you. Your face broke out into a contagious grin and waved at him.
“He’s not stalking, I asked him to meet me at my locker. I’ll see you later, okay?” Your friend nodded and watched you jog over to the dangerous teenager.
“Hey Tate.” You greeted with a smile, he smiled softly back at you and like usual accepted your arm as you looped it with his.
“I am so ready for food, I swear my stomach is starting to eat itself.” You laughed, Tate chuckling softly as he walked through the crowds of stares with one of the prettiest girls at the high school on his arm, enjoying the jealous looks he got from almost every guy and some girls as he walked smugly with you.

The day drug on and on for Tate, but when he was with you it seemed to fly by. He liked being around you, you didn’t judge him or give him weird looks because of the way he acts or dresses. He wished the whole world was like you. He smiled to himself as you chattered on about an essay you had to write for the next week and how it was bumming you out, you were so oblivious to his emotions towards you. He didn’t mind that you weren’t his, as long as you talked to him and did little things like lock arms with him when you walked together- then he could hold onto the love that started to bloom for you in his blackened heart.
“Hey, Tate?” You snapped your fingers in front of his face. “You’re spacing out again.”
“Huh? Sorry, I got lost in your eyes.” He smirked, enjoying the blush that rose to your cheeks.
“Stop being such a goofball.” You stuck out your tongue and carried on with what you were saying before. “Anyway, I was asking you if you could help me with my essay.”
“Yeah sure, wanna come round mine tonight and get it out of the way?” His heart hammered at the thought of having you in his room again, even if it was just for homework.
“That sounds like an awesome plan.” You beamed, excited to hang out with him after school. “Plus I get to see Addie! I haven’t seen her in such a long time, how is she doing?”

Would you mind if I hurt you?
Understand that I need to
Wish that I had other choices
Than to harm the one I love…

What have you done now?!

Tate walked with you to your house, and waited as you gathered your things and left a note for your parents to find saying that you were crashing at a friend’s house tonight. You put your bag on your back and held your textbooks in your arms, walking beside Tate as you walked the route to his home.
“Are you okay, Tate? You’ve been a bit distant today.” You asked, looking up at him with a concerned frown.
“Hm? Oh yeah, I’m fine, don’t worry about me.” He nodded, waving you off.
“Of course I worry, you’re my best mate! I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He grinned at that, he looked down at you and gave you a smile that almost stopped your heart.
“Good to know I mean so much to you, [Nickname].” You nudged his arm with yours, chuckling lightly.
“Well duh, you mean the world to me.” He was about to ask more but you had already arrived at his house, and his mother was a nosey bitch who would just interfere.

He unlocked the door for you and soon Addie was there to welcome him, and when she saw you she was just over the moon.
“[Y/N]! I didn’t know you were coming over today!” She hugged the life out of you, swaying back and forth with you in her arms. For a girl who was shorter than you, she sure had a lot of strength.
“Hey, sweetheart! I missed you so much, how have you been?” You asked once she pulled away and you had air back in your lungs.
“I’ve been doing good, thanks.” She beamed and you felt Tate tug on your sleeve.
“Sorry to interrupt, but we got homework to do.” Tate led you up the staircase and down the hallway to his room. You instantly put your bag and textbooks on the floor before belly-flopping on his bed.
“I swear I could live on your bed forever.” You groaned as you snuggled into the comfortable bed. You heard Tate laugh from behind you as he moved to put some music on, Nirvana soon coming out of the speakers.
“C’mon lazy ass, we got an essay to write.” He gathered the things you needed and sat cross-legged opposite you on his bed.

It took about two hours to write the essay, and as soon as it was done you placed it in your school folder and put everything away. When you turned back around to take your spot on the bed, you saw Tate laid out and propping his head up on the palm of his hand- looking up at you through his lashes and a lazy smirk on his lips.
“Aw c’mon, my hand is cramped up and you took up all the room!” You pouted adorably, locking your leg out and putting your hands on your hips. Tate’s lazy smirk transformed into a full-blown seductive one, his laugh laced with dirty thoughts.
“Well it is my bed, [Nickname].” He shot back at you.
“Well you’re the one who invited me.” You threw back, he grinned a devilish smile that turned your stomach into butterflies. He scooted over and patted the free side of the bed, indicating for you to lie next to him. You did as he indicated and moved over to the edge of the bed, you lowered yourself down and laid next to your crush on his bed.
“[Y/N]? Can I ask you something?” Tate asked, barely above a whisper as his words tumbled into your ear. You shivered, but manage to nod, and turned your head to look at him.
“Of course, you can ask me anything.” He took a breath, ready for your answer.
“I have a plan, to stop school being hell, but it might hurt you- would you mind that?” You frowned, soaking in his words.
“I don’t like that sound of this plan…”
“You need to understand than I need to do this, [Y/N], but believe me I don’t want you to get hurt in the crossfire.” During his words, he had dipped his head down so his mouth was by your ear. He dropped his tone down to a provocative whisper as he drew closer to you, and when he finished that sentence he tested the waters by pressing a kiss to the side of your neck. Your eyes fluttered shut, the reality was way better than your fantasies of this happening. Your heart was beating faster than you could count, and your breathing had become shallow. Taking this as a good sign, Tate pressed more kissed to your neck and even lightly bit your earlobe.
“I wish that I had other choices,” He whispered into your ear, his hands snaking around your waist then he buried his head into the junction of your neck.
“Than to harm the one I love.”

I know I’d better stop trying
You know that there’s no denying
I won’t show mercy on you now
I know, I should stop believing
I know, there’s no retrieving
It’s over now, what have you done?

What have you done now?!

The night you spent at Tate’s could only be described in one word: magical. You felt yourself cross over into a woman’s world, and Tate now held a very special part of you, a piece that you could never have returned. You had fallen asleep in his arms as he threaded his fingers through your hair, your head resting on his bare and sweaty chest.
You both awoke the next morning to see the sun creeping under the blackout curtains, you blinked away the sleep and sat up, wincing at a bit of pain in the lower part of your body. You rubbed your eyes and yawned, stretching and oblivious to your naked body being exposed at the sheets only clung to your lower half.
“I would love to wake up to that sight every morning.” You jumped at the voice, and turned to see Tate looking at you through tired but loving eyes. You smiled bashfully, and covered yourself with the sheets before lying next to him.
“Can I asked you something?” You replied, voice soft and slightly scratchy from the rawness of the previous night. He nodded, hair sprawled across his black pillow as he yawned.
“What are we now?” He frowned, looking at you with confusion. “Was it just a one-time thing?”
“Of course not, [Y/N].” He raised his hand and tucked your hair behind your ear then cupped your face. “If you let me, I would like to be your boyfriend.” You couldn’t contain your grin, you held the hand that was cupping your face and nodded.
“I’d love for you to be my boyfriend.” Tate grinned, a genuine grin that he hadn’t known he was capable of doing.
“So it’s settled.” You nodded, and sealed the deal with a kiss.

Weeks passed and you noticed Tate become more and more agitated. You hadn’t pressured him into doing anything like take you on dates or hold hands with you in public, but something was grating on him and it was hurting you to see him like that. You went to see him that night, you knocked on his bedroom door and entered without his permission. You didn’t see him in the room, but heard the tap turn on in the en suite bathroom. You were about to surprise him with a hug and kiss, until you saw the arsenal on the bed. You walked into the room without a sound, all colour drained from your face as you looked at the range of guns that littered the bed where you had spent countless nights with him.
You heard the bathroom door open but didn’t even look up, your heart almost stopped beating and your felt the food in your stomach get ready to exit your body.
“[Y/N]?” Tate asked, disbelief in his voice.
“…Tate…?” Your voice cracked, you looked over at him and realised that this wasn’t the person you fell in love with. It was just the shell of him. “Why do you have so many loaded guns?”
“You weren’t mean to see this.” He went to walk over to you, and visibly recoiled when he saw you step away from him.
“No shit!” You almost screamed, you were shaking now and tears were beginning to pool in your eyes. “Were you planning on using them?” Then it clicked, the way he looked down at his feet…this was his plan he had mentioned the night he took your virginity.
“You’re sick.” You looked at him with disgust.
“[Y/N], please, you don’t understand.” He tried to reach for you, as broken as you were. You moved away from him, going to the door.
“You’re sick, Tate! You’re fucked up in the head! I knew you were always messed up but I tried so goddamn hard to fix you! To deny the fact that you were getting worse! I’m telling the police.”

In a panic of blind worry, Tate picked up a loaded pistol and aimed it at you. Shaking badly, everything seemed to go in slow motion. He first shot embedded itself in your calf, and you went down like a sack of bricks. You screamed out in pain, but unlucky for you his mother and sister had gone out shopping. You hit the floor and grabbed your bleeding leg, tears streaming down your face as you cried in agony. You looked up at him, not even recognising him anymore.
“I’m so sorry, [Y/N].” His eyes were wide and red with tears, he rushed over to you and dropped the gun. He pressed his hand to the wound he had caused and held you close to him.
“I can’t lose you, I can’t lose you,” He kept saying those four words as he rocked you. He rushed to get the medical kit and did his best to fix the bullet wound. You had passed out from shock, and he placed you gently on the sofa downstairs since his bed was littered with guns and ammunition.
When his mother got home, she found her son and his girlfriend with a copious amount of blood and he was shaking and crying. She told her daughter to take the shopping into the kitchen whilst she rushed to her idiot son, she slapped him hard across his head, screaming at the top of her lungs.
“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH! AFTER EVERYTHING I HAVE DONE FOR YOU, YOU GO AND DO THIS?!” She continued to beat him, he coward but took the blows.
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” He whimpered as he stayed on the floor and took the beating.

I, I’ve been waiting for someone like you
But now you are slipping away…
Why, why does fate make us suffer?
There’s a curse between us, between me and you

The next day Tate went to school after setting his mother’s boyfriend on fire, he’d never liked him. He was packing and ready to take out his anger on any unfortunate soul that passed him. It happened in a blur, the sounds of shots being fired caused everyone’s blood in the building to run cold. That was a very dark day for Westfield High, Tate took the lived of fifteen students before leaving the premises. The police was instantly on the crime, and SWAT found the location of the deadly teenager. They barged past his mother and rushed up the stairs, the quickly located Tate and shot him down without mercy.

They left his mother to deal with the body, broken and crying she organised his funeral. You weren’t allowed out of the guest room where you were imprisoned, Constance had forced you to call your parents and tell them you were going to stay at Tate’s for a while. They had said to call if you wanted picking up, put Constance had held a knife to your throat the whole phone call. She told you what happened to Tate before shutting and locking the door and left you to mourn, you knew he reached his breaking point but you couldn’t forgive him for what he had done.

The only thing you could do right now was sleep, and let your body heal itself. Constance had brought in a private doctor who wouldn’t ask any questions, he fixed your leg and told you to get plenty of rest. So there you lay, your leg shot but healing, and your heart heavy and full of loss and confusion. You held onto your pillow as you faced the wall, crying as quietly as you could. You almost crapped yourself when you felt a hand on your shoulder, you turned your head and saw Tate sitting on the bed beside you, a sorrowful smile on his face and his cheeks stained with tears. Despite everything, you forced yourself to sit up and hug him with everything you had.
“You just had to go and die, didn’t you?” You sobbed, feeling him soothe you and run your back as you hiccupped in your hysterical crying.
“I’m so so sorry for everything, I know I can’t fix anything that I’ve done, but I’ll always be here.” He said into your hair as he ran his fingers through it.
“Am I going insane? They shot you dead…” You sniffled, pulling away and wiping your cheeks.
“This house is special, I’m a part of it now.”

Would you mind if I killed you?
Would you mind if I tried to?
‘Cause you have turned into my worst enemy
You carry hate that I don’t feel
It’s over now
What have you done?

What have you done now?!

Tate would always come to see you, you were getting better but you could tell your mind was starting to slip into insanity. He wanted to take you away from the pain that you were suffering, so he could be with you forever and never lose you to anyone else. So he hatched a plan, and came to visit you that night. He woke you from your slumber, and pressed a kiss to your chapped lips.
“[Y/N], I have an idea to take away all this pain.” You laid there as he ran his fingers through your hair, his heart heavy and filled with agony as he suggested this to you.
“You want me to kill myself.” You whispered, tears leaking from your eyes as you laid in the coldness of your bed in your prison cell in his home. He nodded, hating himself even more for having to do this to the one he loves.
“We can be together forever.” He kissed the tip of your nose. “I’ll always be here for you, and you can always be there for me.” He took out the sleeping pills he had stolen from his mother’s medicine cabinet from her bathroom. He popped the lid open and handed them to you along with the water on your bedside table, you accepted your death in pill form and said your last goodbyes to the land of the living.
You took the pills one by one and downed them with the water, you became tired and drowsy. Tate stayed with you the whole time, holding your hand and whispering sweet nothings as you slipped away from the mortal world and into the Afterlife with him.

I, I’ve been waiting for someone like you
But now you are slipping away…
What have you done now?!
Why, why does fate make us suffer?
There’s a curse between us, between me and you

I will not fall, won’t let it go
We will be free when it ends
Influence from American McGee's Alice, and Alice Madness Returns.
Not proof read.

I own nothing but the story line, influenced from the song 'What Have You Done' by Within Temptation.
American Horror Story belongs to Ryan Murphey and Brad Falchuk.
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